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Duni Group Retains EcoVadis Gold Ranking and Improves its Performance

9 Apr 2024
This year's EcoVadis results have recently been published, and once again, Duni Group has improved its performance for the fifth year in a row. With an increase of 4 points, from 73 to 77, the company maintains its gold ranking and solidifies its position among the top 2 % in the paper and paperboard industry – an improvement from last year's 3 %.

How did this year's EcoVadis results turn out?

It went very well; we increased our score by 4 points, from 73 to 77. We thus maintain our gold ranking and qualify among the top 2 % in our industry, which is an improvement from last year when we were among the top 3 %.

Duni Group retains its gold ranking this year and has also improved its score for the fifth consecutive year – what is the reason behind this?

We already work within all the areas covered by the EcoVadis evaluation, but through the EcoVadis assessment, we receive additional assistance in identifying improvement opportunities in our sustainability efforts. Based on this, we set several objectives for the year and delegate responsibilities throughout the organization, which are then regularly monitored.

In which areas has Duni Group invested and thus seen the greatest difference compared to previous years?

This year's results showed the greatest improvement in the areas of environment and ethics. Previously, we used GRI standards as inspiration for our sustainability reporting, but since the 2022 annual and sustainability report, we report according to GRI standards. We have also had an updated policy book following the ESG structure since 2022, which we review annually. The review helps us identify the need for new policies, directives, or guidelines that are then implemented within the company. In 2023, for example, we received new guidelines for anti-money laundering and developed an e-learning course on anti-corruption. Additionally, we have worked to ensure that as many people as possible complete our digital training courses in business ethics and sustainability.

Like many other companies, Duni Group strives to achieve the highest EcoVadis level, Platinum (top 1 %). Which areas and parameters will Duni Group continue to work on to achieve this?

We will continue to work on disseminating our training and developing new ones in relevant areas. We will also look at reporting on occupational health and working conditions, where we do a lot but may not necessarily report on it. In 2023, we began a project to map the salary levels within the organization to see if we pay salaries that cover living costs (so-called living wage). This work will continue in 2024, and other areas we will focus on will crystallize as we evaluate our EcoVadis results.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a leading company in assessing sustainability and corporate social responsibility for businesses. They provide a platform to evaluate, monitor, and improve the sustainability performance of suppliers worldwide. By collecting and analyzing data on various aspects of a company's sustainability efforts, such as environmental impact, labor conditions, ethics, and business practices, EcoVadis gives its clients insights to make informed decisions about their suppliers and business partners. By using the EcoVadis platform, companies can assess and compare their suppliers' sustainability performance and identify areas for improvement to promote a more sustainable supply chain. This type of assessment is becoming increasingly important in today's business climate, where sustainability and social responsibility are becoming increasingly central to a company's image and long-term success.

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