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Mission, vision, and values

Our mission, higher purpose, vision, and values guide our business going forward. They provide continuity and stability in an ever-changing market and a volatile world.

Our mission

“We believe the world needs better dining experiences. With over 70 years in business, we are committed to designing the most sustainable, circular, and innovative dining experiences. Unforgettable dining moments.”

Our higher purpose

“To inspire the world to give more than we take. We want to enable all people to enjoy good food, well-being, and togetherness – today and for generations to come.”

The higher purpose is our company’s reason to exist, our foundation of who we are. We are designing the ultimate dining experience – from the big wedding dinner to breakfast for one in front of the morning news. But we are more than just architects of dining. We are a company that is serious about peoples’ well-being and togetherness.

Our vision for 2030

“In 2030, we have achieved circularity at scale. We passionately lead our industry towards a world where we give more than we take.

With care for our planet and our well-being – we create joyful, safe, and easy-to-use solutions for all people to embrace food, togetherness, and design.”

A circular model is critical to becoming the company that we want to be in 2030. The higher purpose, people, innovation, and digitalization are the enablers.

Our values

Our company culture is vital to our success, and our values help us create a workplace that we love and make us proud. The values reflect the vision of all leaders and employees and where we are heading as a company.

We care

We care for our planet, people, and society. We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions. Through mutual trust and respect, we create the best relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers. We collaborate across functions and borders to achieve great things together. We mean good.

We are passionate

We are passionate about what we do. We take pride in what we have achieved and where we are heading. Through our commitment, we help reach our goals. We believe in our infinite potential and ability to develop. We feel good.

We make a difference

We make a difference by being innovative and pioneering. We find new ways of working to make the planet a better place. Through curiosity and courage, we strive to test, learn, and see opportunities in challenges. We dare to take the lead to improve and drive change – for generations to come. We do good.