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Rexcell – a pioneer in products and sustainability

Rexcell is a wholly owned subsidiary of Duni Group

We are one of Europe’s most advanced paper mills that produce specialized tissue-, airlaid- and tablecloth material. We have 200 employees and the facility is in Skåpafors, approximately 150 kilometers north of Gothenburg.

In 2023, the Skåpafors paper mill celebrated double anniversaries: 125 years as a paper maker and 70 years as a tissue maker (corresponding to the birth of the Duni brand) Although industrial activities have been on the premises since 1655, the first paper machine started in Skåpafors in 1898.

Since then, the paper mill has consistently developed and pioneered innovative products and processes. For instance, we produced the world’s first colored napkin (Christmas red). We were also the first European paper mill to produce commercial airlaid technology.

A sharp focus on sustainability

Rexcell is also spearheading sustainable production and products. The journey to becoming fossil-free started already in 2010 when a wood chip boiler replaced our oil boiler. It reduced our fossil dependence by a third. Duni Group’s updated strategy for 2030, introduced in 2021, focuses sharply on sustainability.

We have consistently reduced our CO2 emissions and are on target to reach net zero by 2030, one of the Group’s principal sustainability targets. In 2021, we moved to electricity from wind power and was, as far as we know, the first paper mill in the world to start using fossil-free bioLPG in production. Unfortunately, the Ukraine war stopped the availability and we are now in the process to find an alternative. One big task in 2023 was adapting our machines to the fossil-free binder used to produce our sustainable Bio Dunisoft® napkins.

Increasingly effective production

Our operation has become significantly more effective through various initiatives, and we continuously lower our energy and raw material consumption. We are steadily working with continuous improvements to get even better results. In 2024, the complete rebuild of the drying section of one of our paper machines aims to considerably reduce thermal energy consumption and increase the machine speed and production capacity. This energy-efficient technology brings us closer to realizing maximum energy savings and minimal material footprint.

Social sustainability initiatives

Regarding social sustainability, we are actively engaged with our local region. For instance, we work with schools, universities, associations, and businesses to help build the community where we operate. In addition, we are members of Paper Province, a business cluster supporting our region’s forest bioeconomy and RiK Symbiosis in Bengtsfors community, aiming to upgrade/reuse waste streams from the region companies.

Rexcell production

  • Airlaid, Tissue and Evolin® products in a variety of colors
  • Also, white, printable qualities and single and multilayer qualities
  • Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, and FSC®-certified
  • Accredited environmental laboratory according to ISO 17 025
  • Eco-labelled qualities

Contact Rexcell

Phone: +46 531-72800
Fax: +46 531-12283

Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid AB
666 25 Bengtsfors

Visiting address
Bruksvägen 6
666 40 Skåpafors