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Business model

Circular habits

Duni Group is enabling circular food and beverage habits by providing sustainable dining and food packaging solutions to the world.

Duni Group has a market-leading position in all our main markets. Changing urban lifestyles and growing demand for sustainable and circular solutions are two major driving forces. The middle class is growing globally, and we also see changing customer behavior with increased at-home consumption of pre-packaged food. The ever-growing digitalization reinforces this behavior.

We go to market using two complementary business areas:

  • Dining Solutions (the Duni and Paper+Design brands) focuses on solutions for the set table.
  • Food Packaging Solutions (the BioPak and Duni brands) focuses on food containers for food and beverages.

Each business area is fully responsible for its respective value chain. Dining Solutions’ vertical integration means that the business area owns and is in complete control of its production. Food Packaging Solutions relies on a light business model, sourcing products from high-quality manufacturers.

The business areas are responsible for brand strategies, marketing communications, product development, and innovation. However, both business areas serve the same customer base, and all products are sold through a joint sales force and go-to-market organization, with the regions supporting the business areas. Our extensive sales force provides a high market presence and a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs.

Further downstream, they also share a logistics and warehouse set-up. The products reach the end customers through different channels: wholesalers, retail, cash and carrys, and direct sales.