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Bower – turning trash into treasure

It doesn't matter how sustainable and circular the materials in your products are if they aren't returned for recycling or reuse. The most challenging part of creating a circular system for single-use or reusables is building a well-functioning infrastructure. Consumer convenience is crucial, and some nudging can go a long way.

In Sweden, BioPak is cooperating with Bower. This company has developed an app-based system where you get a reward for every package you return. You collect points that can be turned into money or discounts on future purchases. If you want, you can choose to give the money to charity.

And it is simple. You scan the barcode on the empty BioPak package at home using Bower’s app, Panta. Then, you return it to your recycling facility. You can even register your own return point, such as your household sorting bins. Easy as that.

Today, Bower has roughly 580,000 registered users who have returned more than 73 million packages, plastic containers, cartons, and metal cans. If they have a bar code, you can return them and collect points. The CO2 reduction is estimated to be well over 3 million kilograms.