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Bio Dunicel® – successful result of an innovative mindset

Dunicel is Business Area Duni’s premium table covers, well-known and popular in the HoReCa sector. However, in line with Duni Group’s updated strategy for 2030, we want to minimize our use of fossil raw materials in our products. Such as the binders, which are crucial to the table covers’ quality.

Predating the strategy by a couple of years, an employer in Germany had the idea to change the binder to a fossil-free binder. As there were none around, she started developing a new binder. Getting an idea from making homemade glue, she started experimenting with plant-based starch together with a colleague. Moving from a home kitchen to a secret makeshift lab, they ended up with potato starch as the critical component.

Supported by their manager and colleagues in production, Bio Dunicel® became a reality. The first products were launched in October 2021. Bio Dunicel® retains the high quality while reducing CO2 emissions by 28 percent, lowering Duni Group’s carbon footprint. The table covers are recyclable as paper. Since then, Duni has consistently replaced its products with sustainable alternatives. In 2023, Duni launched a new Bio Dunicel® line in three formats and four colors.