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OrganoClick – imitating nature to be sustainable

To advance a sustainable future, we must reduce our use of fossil-based raw materials, such as virgin plastic, throughout society.

To this effect, the Swedish company OrganoClick has turned to biomimetics or biomimicry to replace fossil chemicals with natural chemical processes. What started as a spin-off company from Stockholm University in 2006 has become a fast-growing green chemical company with its own product development, manufacturing, and worldwide exports.

The company’s technology imitates nature using modifying cellulose fibers with biomimicry and so-called “click chemistry”. Using renewable and biodegradable substances based on plants’ cellulose fibers instead of fossil-based chemicals and plastics makes for more sustainable end products.

So, when Duni Group needed a biobased and biodegradable binder instead of the current fossil-based binder in our premium BioDunisoft® napkins, we turned to OrganoClick. We found the solution in the company’s OC-BioBinder™, developed from waste residues in the food industry with biopolymers from orange peel, lemon peel, maize, and shrimp shells.

The long-standing collaboration has been very successful. Business Area Duni is now substituting the old range of Dunisoft® napkins with the sustainable BioDunisoft® napkins.