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Duni Group enters collaboration with LipLid – launching innovative lid for a better drinking experience

26 jun 2024
With a mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability, Duni Group and the Swedish start-up company LipLid enter into a collaboration. As a result of the initiative, Duni Group is now launching a new type of lid for its take-away cups - with a unique design and with good functional and sustainability performance without added PFAS, developed by LipLid.

Duni Group and LipLid are partnering in a joint effort to lead the way towards a new era of innovation and sustainability in the arena of packaging and smart take-away solutions. Through the Duni Group's launch of the award-winning lid for take-away cups, developed and produced by LipLid, they want to be able to offer customers around the world a completely new type of drinking experience. In addition to an innovative design and functionality, the lid is produced completely without added PFAS substances, which rhymes well with Duni Group's strong focus on sustainability throughout the value chain and that Duni has stopped manufacturing products with PFAS.

- The collaboration with LipLid is an exciting step forward for us at Duni Group, which confirms our aspiration to offer innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to our customers. We are convinced that LipLid's lid, in combination with our existing cup range, will revolutionize both the take-away market and the drinking experience, while keeping a prominent sustainability aspect in mind, says Petrea Godderidge, Product Manager Food Packaging Solutions at Duni Group

- We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with the Duni Group to introduce our groundbreaking LipLid to the market and make it available to a wider international audience. The collaboration with Duni Group gives us a unique opportunity to jointly show the industry that innovative packaging options with a clear environmental mindset are not only possible but also necessary for a better future, says Jesper Berthold, CEO at LipLid

The LipLid lid offers several advantages over traditionally designed lids for take-away cups, including the ability to drink directly from the rim of the cup for an enhanced drinking experience and reduced spillage. The lid's unique design also enables reduced material consumption in the packaging industry. Its compostable and recyclable properties align well with Duni Group's sustainability strategy and commitment to reduce plastic use, increase the share of renewable materials and reduce climate impact. The lids from LipLid are made from either a mixture of bamboo and bagasse or from pure wood fibers. In both cases, the fibers are recyclable.

Going forward, Duni Group aims to continue to drive innovation and sustainability within the food packaging industry, as part of being able to offer customers smart, functional and more sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging solutions.

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Investor Relations and Communications Director