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Bio Dunisoft® – a sustainable relaunch of our premium napkins

Duni has been synonymous with premium single-use napkins. A highlight of the portfolio, the Dunisoft® napkin range has become a customer favorite with its softness, exclusive feel, and high quality. But as Duni Group has committed to sustainability and circularity, replacing fossil-based raw materials with biobased to meet our targets has become essential.

This called for replacing the fossil-based binder in the napkins. Developing a new, fossil-free napkin line made from renewable materials, Duni found the perfect binder in OrganoClick’s OC-BioBinder™, made from corn, lemon peels, and other food waste.

Launched in 2021, Bio Dunisoft® napkins retain the main properties of Dunisoft while providing several more environmental benefits apart from the raw materials. They are climate neutral through offsetting, and carbon emissions are reduced by 20 percent compared to their predecessor. This aligns with Duni Group’s net zero target. The napkins are also home-compostable. They are also supplied in fiber-based packaging, where all plastic is replaced by paper or cardboard.

In 2023, a large part of the portfolio was relaunched and switched to biobased materials, for example, the Unicolours single-colored napkins in 24 different colors.