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Idun – a new service and business model

Becoming circular at scale is one of Duni Group’s sustainability initiatives for 2030. One crucial part of this is to offer relevant solutions for reuse, recycling, and composting, all to minimize waste volume. However sustainable the materials are in a food container, package, or cup, circularity isn’t in the product; it is something done to the product.

After thorough analysis and development, we launched Idun, our system for circularity, in 2023. To make reusables environmentally and financially sustainable, we have ensured they can be rotated many times. One priority has been to ensure the system can scale and handle high-density returns. Ultimately, the consumer experience is critical for returns, so we have worked hard to make it as convenient as possible.

Idun is a crucial step for Duni Group. Its business model significantly differs from our usual sales model, built instead around a rental model with many services attached. Catering to different customers, we offer three Idun versions:

  • Idun Clean is an on-premises circular food packaging solution.
  • Idun Go is an off-premises circular food packaging solution for take-away and to-go.
  • Idun Untrash is a single-use food packaging solution for take-back and recycling.