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BicyCompost – a circular model that upcycles food waste

Together with sustainability and circularity, there is an increasingly sharp focus on the staggering food waste in the world. Globally, it is estimated that more than a third of all food is either lost or wasted. In 2020, the BicyCompost company was founded to do something about it in their local market of Bordeaux, France. In this city, approximately 65,000 tons of food waste are incinerated annually. Well, not if BicyCompost can help it.

The business idea is to collect bio-waste from various professionals, for example, restaurants, hotels, nurseries, and schools, and then transport it by bicycle or electric van to a composting facility. Upcycling is part of the idea, and the organic waste is turned into quality compost, distributed to local farmers and urban landscapers for free. So, this circular business model reduces waste and emissions from incineration and promotes local agriculture and the use of natural fertilizer.

Duni Group cooperates with BicyCompost, finding the company's commitment to be a perfect circular way to recycle our fossil-free and compostable BioDunisoft® napkins.

To date, BicyCompost has saved roughly 365 tons of bio-waste from about 170 customers, saving 159 tons of CO2.

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