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Bumerang – eliminating throwaway packaging

Take-away food and drink are fantastic for consumer convenience and a modern on-the-go lifestyle. However, when the used packaging ends up as waste in nature, not so much.

To counteract this, the startup company Bûmerang offers the first digitalized system for returning take-away packaging in Barcelona. The company was founded in 2019 based on a clear circular economy vision. Their mission is to "eliminate throwaway packaging habits in the food service and food sector and be more ambitious than the European waste reduction targets because we must act now and not wait until 2030!"

Their system is app-based and user-friendly for consumers who can get either delivery or take-away. If the containers aren’t returned, there is a small fee. Today, more than 70 registered restaurants are part of the Bûmerang network, so there is a good variety of food.

Becoming fully circular is a top priority for the Duni Group. In 2021, we acquired 22 percent of the shares in Bûmerang Take-away, S.L. to become a minority shareholder with non-controlling interests. We aim to build an active partnership and cooperation and to support Bûmerang’s continued expansion of reusable packaging in Spain.