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Targets and outcomes

Duni Group has historically provided shareholders with solid cash flows and steady dividends, with the exception of the pandemic years 2019 to 2021. Since then, the HoReCa market has recovered and the Group has reported growth and profitability from a strong financial position.

Sales Growth

Goal 5%

The goal is to achieve average organic growth in sales in excess of 5% per year over a business cycle. In addition, the company regularly assesses acquisition opportunities in order to gain access to new growth markets or strengthen its position in existing markets.

2022 target attainment

Organic growth amounted to 30.9%. The year’s increase in net sales is a result of a good recovery  after the pandemic, with stable and accelerating growth during the year. Price increases have also gradually had an impact on net sales.

Operating margin

Goal 10%

The target is an operating margin of 10% or more. Profitability is to be increased through sales growth, continued focus on premium products and continued improvements within purchasing and production.

2022 target attainment

2022 target attainment The operating margin was 6.4%. The clear improvement in  income compared with the previous year is explained in its entirety by the improved  market situation and increased net sales, as 2021 was significantly more affected by restrictions than 2022.


Goal 40%

It is the Board of Directors’ long-term intention for dividends to amount to at least 40% of income after tax.

2022 target attainment

The Group has recovered well after the pandemic, and has a good financial position and  future competitiveness that once more allows a dividend to be distributed. Despite better conditions, there is uncertainty in the world at large and continued volatility in demand.  The Board therefore proposes to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of SEK 3 per share be distributed, which corresponds to 70 (0) percent of profit after tax.

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