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Goals and strategies

Sustainability leader

Like a lot of people across the globe, our customers are concerned about the environment. They want to make the best choices for themselves, their guests, and the planet. To be a speaking partner to restaurant owners in climate change and lead sustainable innovation in the Food service industry is, therefore, a strategic choice that we have made.

In Duni Group, we have a desire to make a difference. An essential part of our strategy for 2030 is to become our industry's trusted sustainability leader and to drive our industry towards circular solutions, net zero climate impact, and social sustainability. Cooperation is critical, and we want to support the HoReCa sector, providing each customer with the most sustainable solution based on their situation.

The strategy has a solid foundation in five core areas:

  • Position
  • Innovation
  • Customers
  • Business operation
  • People & Culture


We aim to lead our industry and be the first choice for environmentally innovative and circular solutions. It means continuously renewing our range and developing our branding. We are driving positive change in partnership with key stakeholders.


Innovation is essential to competitiveness. We will develop our existing offer and create new solutions that align with changing trends, demand, and laws. We will focus on the right skills, gain insights, explore and create future opportunities, and, not least, partner and invest in new businesses.


To remain relevant in the market, we must have a customer-centric, outside-in perspective, focusing on how we can best help and support our customers and make it easy to do business with us. We will increasingly work digitally and multi-channel to grow our business in existing and new markets.

Business operation

Our business activities are crucial to meeting our bold sustainability goals. We have two complementary value chains: vertical integration (Dining Solutions) and sourcing products and materials from other manufacturers (Food Packaging Solutions). We will ensure sustainable and circular value chains and reduce costs in our production.

People & Culture

Our employees’ skills and commitment are essential to realizing our strategy. We are building an inclusive culture where everyone counts and feels they belong. Training leaders is vital, and we are building a value- and goal-driven organization, expanding our core competencies in innovation, sustainability, and digitalization.