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Sensitivity analysis

There are several external factors that have a direct impact on the Group, primarily currency, raw materials, and reduced volume.

Duni Group has production units in five countries and sales units worldwide. This means that the Group is exposed to currency risks. This is partly through transaction exposure when purchases and sales are made in a currency other than its functional currency, but also through translation exposure when the balance sheets and income statements of subsidiaries are converted to SEK.

In the production of tissue and airlaid, pulp is used, and especially fluctuations in pulp prices affect the Group's results.

A deteriorating economy and changes in market demand could lead to fewer restaurant visits, reduced demand, and increased price competition, which in turn affects volumes and gross margins.

Sensitivity analysis
The power of "if"

In a volatile world, it is essential to be well prepared and able to adjust for ups and downs.

  • - 80MSEK

    Impact on Operating Income if the SEK strengthens by 10%

  • - 60MSEK

    Impact on Operating Income if the fiber material costs increase by 10%

  • - 150MSEK

    Impact on Operating Income if volumes drop by 10%