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Duni Group turns 75 and brings back an icon

10 Jun 2024
It all started with a cup, so let a cup symbolize our journey. Duni Group turns 75 this year and it’s time to celebrate our past – and our future. So, we bring back a beloved old friend, into the future.

However important it is to know our history and celebrate our wins, what matters is where we are going, where we’ll be 75 years from now. To symbolize our journey going forward, we’ve brought back a symbol, an icon even, although a humble one.

You probably know it from the sidelines of the football fields, from the school picnics and from the cafeterias in the sports halls. We have created a new version of it to symbolize a future of circular solutions, smart material choices and strong design.

Circular solutions

"The prototype has a shape that also reminds us of Duni's first folded paper cup made of wax paper and the classic Octaview octagonal bowl, in a reworked shape for 3D print technology, and which shows off the natural color of the raw material”, says Karolin Larsson, Product & Concept Designer, Duni Group.

“For design for the future and design for a circular economy, collaboration is needed, to dare to invest and question existing methods, to ‘unlearn’ the reason why something doesn't work, to embrace imperfections, to not fixate on a single solution. Embrace and welcome the unknown”, says Karolin Larsson.

The cup isn’t in production, it’s not a commercial product, but a symbol of our journey going forward. Together, we create tomorrow’s best dining experiences.

About Duni Group

Founded in 1949, Duni started marketing waxed paper cups. The name “Duni” was the winner in a competition to name tissue napkins. It alludes to the feelings of soft down (dun in Swedish). In the 1950’s production focused on further processing of the company’s paper. Napkins with multi-color printing was the main product.

Today Duni Group is a market leader in sustainable dining, food packaging and circular solutions for the restaurant and catering market.

Read more about our history.

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Katja Margell
Investor Relations and Communications Director