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Debt financing

Debt structure Duni Group 

Duni Group’s loan portfolio consists of Revolving credit facility, Term Loans and an overdraft facility in EUR and in SEK currencies.

During spring 2022 the whole loan facility was renegotiated and signed as a sustainability-linked financing and consisting of:

  • Revolving credit facility, an amount of EUR 150 million, repayable on 25 March 2026 with the possibility of an extension for another year.
  • Term Loan with a nominal amount of EUR 30 million. The facility has an amortization of EUR 6 million per year and repayable on 25 March 2025 with the possibility of an extension for another year.
  • Term Loan, an amount of EUR 25 million, repayable on 6 May 2025.
  • A Loan, a so-called Put/Call facility of EUR 20 million, repayable on 12 May 2024.
  • An overdraft facility of EUR 10 million with a duration for one year.

Excess liquidity is centralized via the Group’s cash pools. Treasury manages liquidity within as well as between these cash pools.

The credit facility is subject to covenants consisting of a financial key ratio as well as a numbers of non-financial conditions. The financial key ratio comprises financial net debt in relation to underlying EBITDA.