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Our brands and solutions

The best dining experience has not yet been served

Duni Group is one of the leading creators of dining experiences. We’re the architects of dining and support our brands to design and deliver innovative, circular and sustainable concepts for the ultimate dining experience.

Brands with strong market recognition

As the market and our customers’ requirements change, we adapt to evolving end-customer behaviors to stay relevant in the market. It means adding new brands to the portfolio as our business expands and diversifies to develop our multi-brand strategy.

OUR BRANDS & solutions

Duni is the most significant part of Dining Solutions and continues the traditional part of the Group’s business. The brand is the European market leader in the premium segment for napkins, table covers, and candles. The customers are primarily hotels and restaurants, and sales generally go through wholesalers.

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BioPak comprises most of Food Packaging Solutions. It offers sustainable concepts for food packaging and serving products, including take-away, ready-to-eat meals, and various types of catering. Restaurants with take-away concepts are the main customers. BioPak has a market-leading position in Australia.

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Paper+Design is synonymous with creative and high-quality napkins, table runners, table covers, and decorations and belongs to Duni Group’s Dining Solutions business area. Established in 1999, the German company covers all parts of the value chain, from administration and design to production and storage.

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EFF is an outsourcing company specializing in financing, tax services, and accounting. Based in Poznań, Poland, the company handles everything from the day-to-day and statutory accounting to managing the entire outsourcing process and complete bookkeeping on an international scale.

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Unmo is a digital platform and community that connects people in the restaurant sector, making it easier for companies and individuals to be seen, build relationships, network, recruit, and find jobs. It also helps them take on challenges, expand networks, and create opportunities for development and sustainable growth.

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Idun is a circular system developed to keep products, materials, and resources in use for as long as possible through reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling. The offer includes on- and off-premises food packaging solutions for take-away and to-go and single-use solutions for take-back and recycling.

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Rexcell is Duni Group’s wholly owned paper mill and an essential part of Dining Solutions’ vertical integration. It produces various airlaid and tissue-based materials. Rexcell has expertise in materials and production properties, and its entire output is exclusive to the Duni Group.

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Decent Packaging is part of Food packaging solutions and the BioPak Group and offers innovative packaging from plant-based materials. The practical use of waste products, the ability to isolate starch molecules and sustainable agriculture, have transformed food packaging into sustainable produced products. Everything that has been made can unmake and Decent Packaging offers compost collection services.   

Decent Packaging

Relevo fights the issue of plastic waste using a digital and sustainable solution that makes it easy for restaurants and consumers to do the right thing – going circular. The reusable solution combines high-quality dishware with an easy-to-use digital process for lending and inventory management.

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Husekee is part of Food Packaging Solutions and the BioPak Group and offers functional products that utilize waste and recycled material to enable the transition to a waste-free world. Through a cup exchange program and end-of-life recycling program, Huskee ensures the delivery of the highest possible impact with the lowest possible footprint.

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