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Unmo – connecting people in the restaurant sector

To be the industry sustainability leader, you must commit to social sustainability. This can take many forms. Taking a step in a new, exciting direction, Duni Group has founded a sister company, Unmo, which launched a digital meeting place in 2023. It connects restaurants and persons applying for jobs but is also a community for sharing ideas and experiences.

For businesses, Unmo offers marketing opportunities and employer branding. Persons looking to work in the HoReCa sector can build their brand. They can also reach many potential employers in one place.

The starting point was a Duni Group survey on restaurant pain points. It turned out that finding skilled staff was at the top of the list. During the pandemic, many employees left the business not to return.

Unmo was launched in mid-2023 with positive results. So far, the platform is live in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, and some 65 restaurants and around 1,000 persons have signed up. The plan is to expand to Denmark and Germany in a second step. Unmo has identified several exciting cities, mainly big cities, cities of gastronomical repute, or places with extensive seasonal employment.

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