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Bulletin from Duni AB's Annual General Meeting

Regulatory press release 12 May 2020 05:15
The Annual General Meeting of Duni AB was held on Tuesday May 12, 2020 in Malmö, Sweden.

In accordance with the Board’s proposal, Duni AB’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) decided that no dividend should be paid for the financial year 2019.
The AGM discharged the members of the Board and the President from liability for the preceding financial year.

Pauline Lindwall, Alex Myers, and Thomas Gustafsson were re-elected as members of the Board. Pia Rudengren and Magnus Yngen had declined re-election. Morten Falkenberg, Sven Knutsson and Pia Marions was elected as new members of the board. The AGM elected Thomas Gustafsson as Chairman of the Board.

The AGM decided on the compensation to the Board totaling SEK 2,123,000, excluding fees for committee work. The compensation, in the form of cash fees, was set at SEK 578,000 for the Chairman of the Board and SEK 309,000 each to the other five members of the Board elected by the AGM. The AGM also approved the allocation of fees related to committee work as follows: the Chairman of the Audit Committee SEK 125,000 and other members, SEK 59,000 each; the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, SEK 65,000, and other members, SEK 30,000 each.

The AGM approved the Board's proposal regarding guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

The AGM approved the proposal regarding the Nomination Committee.

The accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AB was re-elected for the period until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Carl Fogelberg will be auditor in charge.

At the statutory meeting of the Board held in conjunction with the AGM, Pauline Lindwall (Chairman), Morten Falkenberg and Thomas Gustafsson were elected to the Remuneration Committee. Pia Marions (Chairman), Sven Knutsson and Thomas Gustafsson were elected to the Audit Committee.

DUNI AB (publ)
Board of directors


For further information, please contact:

Johan Sundelin, President and CEO, +46 40 10 62 00
Mats Lindroth, CFO, +46 40 10 62 00
Helena Haglund, Group Accounting Manager, +46 734 19 63 04


Duni Group is a market leader in attractive, sustainable and convenient products for table setting and take-away. The Group markets and sells two brands, Duni and BioPak, which are represented in more than 40 markets. Duni Group has some 2,400 employees in 24 countries, headquarters in Malmö and production units in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Thailand. Duni Group is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker name “DUNI”.