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Duni publishes Sustainability Report

Regulatory press release 12 Apr 2013 11:45
Duni is publishing today its first Sustainability Report based on GRI 3.1 (Global Reporting Initiative). The report is part of Duni’s sustainability program, “Our Blue Mission”, and presents a comprehensive overview of sustainability efforts throughout the entire value chain.

Duni’s sustainability strategy complements its vision to create the perfect atmosphere for every eating and drinking occasion. Only products that are manufactured with considerable respect for humans and the environment can create a good feeling. The report, which will be published today, follows Duni’s work and the product’s path from sustainable forestry and the approval of suppliers to environmentally certified production and recycling alternatives. The report also presents clear targets for 2015/2020.

“As Europe’s leading supplier of disposal products for table setting and take-away, it feels natural to also take a leading role in the development of sustainable business in our industry. However, we are aware that we must approach this challenge with great respect. There are no shortcuts or easy answers, but we will continue to expand the efforts we are already taking, and this report is one way to be transparent about this project,” says Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO of Duni.

The report is based on GRI Application Level C and is available to read/for download at