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Duni launches Bloom grass paper packaging concept for bakers

4 Jun 2019
Bread comes from wheat, a type of grass. Bloom, a pioneering, eco-conscious packaging concept from Duni does too.

Bread comes from wheat, a type of grass. Bloom, a pioneering, eco-conscious packaging concept from Duni does too.

Today’s bakers owe their livelihood to nature and eco-minded customers, in several ways. The new Bloom concept, which is made of grass paper, provides an elegant way to nurture both. It adds a new dimension to Duni’s ecoecho® range.

Amazing what you can do with grass
Bloom offers modular formats and sizes for every conceivable baking need: trays for baguettes, sandwiches, cakes and buns; bags for baguettes, loaves, buns and cookies; and three sizes of wrap. These combine to make delicious-looking, hygienic, plastic-free serving solutions.

It is greener – as a matter of scientific fact
Grass paper is a breakthrough material, which offers major environmental advantages over the alternatives. The raw material for Bloom is a mixture of FSC® certified wood and grass.

The grass used is harvested locally in Germany and does not compete with resources used for animal feed. Furthermore, the meadows it comes from provide an important natural habitat for many species.

Grass fibre pulp – the raw material used for Grass paper – is particularly energy-efficient to produce. It does not require chemical treatment and only 2 litres of water are needed to produce one ton. Production is also extremely energy-efficient.

Potential personalisation possibilities
With Duni’s customisation service, bakers can leverage the environmentally-focused profile of Bloom to build their brand. Duni’s team can provide personalised stickers and sleeves. These may be used to highlight commitment to ‘living green values’ and draw attention to the innovative nature of grass paper.

A new field of opportunity
Melanie Jäger, Int. Senior Marketing Manager Meal Service, Duni: “The Bloom concept shows the incredible potential in grass paper, a breakthrough eco-material. It gives bakers an appetizing, hygienic, modular way to present their entire concept as eco-conscious. And, in doing so, build bridges with, and inspire, their customers!”


For more information, please contact:
Melanie Jäger, Int. Senior Marketing Manager, Duni AB
Phone: +49 5461 82-205
Mobile: +49 170 2202298


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