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Duni Group invests in the German re-use company Relevo GmbH

14 jul 2021 04:30
Duni Group is dedicated to offer the most sustainable solution for any consumer occasion. We believe in a combination of single-use, re-use and other upcoming innovative solutions to support the transformation to a more circular society. Partnering with Relevo GmbH strengthens the Group’s existing offer within take-away packaging mainly supplied by our BioPak brand in Europe.   

Relevo GmbH is a reusable system provider for take-away food and beverages founded in 2020 by three entrepreneurs in Munich, Germany. By creating a digital platform with reusable tableware for take-away packaging, Relevo is working towards combating the issues of plastic waste through a smart and sustainable solution easily accessible for companies in the HoReCa market. Relevo has grown rapidly since the start and now employs 35 people.   

Duni Group acquires 20 % of the shares in Relevo GmbH and thereby becomes a minority owner with a non-controlling interest. Through an active partnership and collaboration, the Group aims to support Relevo on their continued growth journey. 

The partnership will complement the BioPak business area and add to the already wide range of sustainable solutions for take-away packaging. Different occasions will require either single-use, re-use or a combination of both, which is why a complementary offer is key to meet future customer needs.  

”We look forward to start collaborating with Relevo. It will be an exciting journey and a great opportunity for Duni Group to complement our offer and help the customers find the best sustainable solutions. We know that local infrastructure for waste management varies considerably which is why both a single-use and re-use alternative is important to secure a circular business model in the future,” says Robert Dackeskog, President and CEO, Duni Group.   

Gregor Kolb, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Relevo, comments, "We are proud and very excited to partner with Duni Group as it is a recognition of Relevo’s innovative reusable solution, and it emphasizes our ambition to shape the reusable market for the foreseeable future. As a leading supplier of the food service industry Duni Group’s extensive market reach provides us the possibility to rapidly scale our shared vision of less waste and an environmentally-friendly take-away experience."  


For more information, please contact:   
Magnus Carlsson, CFO,   
Franck Bancarel, M&A Director,  


Duni Group is a market leader in attractive, sustainable, and convenient products for table setting and take-away. The Group markets and sells two brands, Duni and BioPak, which are represented in more than 40 markets. Duni Group has some 2,300 employees in 24 countries, headquarters in Malmö and production units in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Thailand. Duni is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker name “DUNI”. ISIN-code is SE0000616716.