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Duni launches a sustainable collection together with Bernadotte & Kylberg

31 aug 2017 05:00
The collaboration between Duni and the Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg has resulted in an innovative and stylish collection of single-use plates, bowls, cutlery and napkins. Made from renewable and biodegradable materials, the Amazonica range has been created to pay tribute to the subtle forms of nature and the food that is served.

Innovation, functionality and a celebration of food are the leading words for Bernadotte & Kylberg's new collection for Duni, whose inspiration is derived from the organic forms of the Victoria Amazonica nymphaeales. The gentle and flowing shape of the plates resembles rings on the water surrounding the water lily; the more sophisticated pattern on the napkins interprets the timeless and playful silhouette and shadows of the leaves capturing the mystery of the Amazon jungle.

The collection is made of environmentally conscious and plant based materials such as bagasse and CPLA. The napkins are made of an FSC-certified and compostable biomaterial.

"This collection places food, form and nature in the center," says Saloni Deva, IR and Communications Manager at Duni. "Amazonica combines useful design with sustainable eco materials and shows unique forms for single-use products. With its elegant minimalism, it does not overshadow the food but rather lifts it. The mix of different products also creates great flexibility and fits both fine dining and street food."

"Amazonica centers on the idea of celebrating food and the ability to combine the collection in any way you want, as the entire collection together resembles the shape of a water lily. Our focus has been to create a collection where we move away from the idea of 'traditional porcelain'. Instead, we looked at the qualities of the materials and how to lift and revere food,” says Oscar Kylberg, CEO of Bernadotte & Kylberg.

Amazonica is part of Duni’s Limited edition series Designs for Duni® and is also part of a range of environmentally conscious products called Ecoecho®. The collection is shown for the first time at a press event in Stockholm on August 31st.

The collection will be available in selected stores and in Duni's web shop from January 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Saloni Deva, IR and Communications Manager
phone +46 734 196389

About the material bagasse
Bagasse is based on a residual of sugar cane that is created in the process of sugar production. The material goes back to soil in just a few weeks when composted.

About the material CPLA
CPLA is made of 100% plant based materials, is biodegradable, extremely robust and withstands temperatures up to 100 ° C.

About Victoria Amazonica
Victoria Amazonica, also known as giant water lily, is found in the Amazon river system in Brazil, Colombia, Guyana and Peru. The leaves are often red underneath and have a folded edge.

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