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Duni wins two of the most prestigious product design awards

15 Apr 2015 11:00
Duni’s lead designer for consumer products, Simi Gauba, wins the prestigious Red Dot Award and the Golden A’ Design Award for the design of the Pebble Bagasse Collection.

The Pebble Bagasse Collection, launched in February 2015, is a collection of disposable plates and bowls made from the material bagasse. The collection combines a unique and elegant design inspired by the organic shape of the humble pebble, while at the same time using a material that is natural and renewable. Being a by-product of sugarcane, it returns to soil in just eight weeks when composted.

The Red Dot Award and the A’ Design Award are both considered two of the largest and most recognised professional design competitions in the world. Both juries highlighted Ms. Gauba’s design to be intelligent using uncompromising competency and considerable courage, hence constituting an excellent contribution to arts, science, design and technology.

“I am deeply honoured,” says Simi Gauba. “I set out to create a collection of plates and bowls that was organic and fluid in its look, while at the same time combined functionality with respect and consideration to the environment. The awards highlight that my work with the Pebble Bagasse was successful. For me personally, it is also a victory in the sense that it shows how committed we are to finding new ways of combining visual aesthetics with eco friendly materials.”

CEO Thomas Gustafsson also comments:
“I congratulate Ms. Gauba for excellent achievements. The awards are proof of the ambitious work we do at Duni. We want to make a difference in the world with our products, by making a contribution with form, function and state of the art materials.”

Award categories and exhibitions

The awards for the Pebble Bagasse Collection are granted in the category “Disposable and single use Product” for the A’ Design Award, and “Tableware and cooking utensils” for the Red Dot Award.

The collection will be exhibited at the Mood Museum in Como, Italy 18-25 April, 2015 in conjunction with the A’ Design Award ceremony. It will also be exhibited at the Red Dot Museum in Essen, Germany.

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