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Duni concentrates production to Skåpafors

Regulatory press release 30 sep 2014 02:00
In connection with the closure of production of hygiene materials at Rexcell, which was announced in February 2013, a review of the company's long-term production has been made. Decision has now been taken to concentrate all remaining production to the facility in Skåpafors.

The demand for Duni's premium products is increasing, leading to larger future capacity needs. As the production capacity of premium products is larger in Skåpafors than on the plant in Dals Långed it has been decided to concentrate future production to the plant in Skåpafors. Operations in Dals Långed are expected to be closed by October 2015.

"Rexcell is an important part of Duni's business offering and to the company's leading market position. To concentrate future production to one production unit creates synergies, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness," says Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO, Duni.

In February 2013, was informed that 110 people would be affected by the closure. The result of the close-down of the hygiene production and concentration to one production site means that a total of 83 persons have been given notice.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Gustafsson, President and CEO
Tel: +46 40 10 64 75

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