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Duni appoints Advisory Board with Prominent Restaurateurs

Regulatory press release 28 maj 2008 09:22
Duni appoints an advisory board composed of prominent caterers and restaurateurs Lena Björck, Pontus Frithiof, Magnus Lindström and Peter J Skogström. The idea is that members will contribute with concepts, product ideas and inspiration for restaurants of the future.

Duni, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, is Europe’s leading operator within quality products for table-setting and take-away packaging. As part of its mission to be a market leader in inspiration, innovation, quality, trends and design, Duni has formed the HORECA Advisory Board. The board is composed of chefs, caterers and restaurateurs from the HORECA industries (hotel, restaurant and catering) who are active both in Sweden and abroad.

“The members contribute with inspiration and ideas for concepts and products for restaurants of the future,” says CEO, Fredrik von Oelreich.

The Duni HORECA Advisory Board is comprised of Lena Björck, caterer in London, Pontus Frihiof, restaurant owner and caterer in Stockholm, Magnus Lindström, Swedish Chef of the Year 2003 and operating in Gothenburg, as well as Peter J Skogström, Swedish Chef of the Year 2006 and operating in Malmö.

“I see many ideas within Duni’s business areas where I can contribute with angles of approach that can support both my industry and the customer,” states Peter J Skogström, Swedish Chef of the Year 2006.

The formation of an advisory board is a natural progression of Duni’s long-standing commitment as sponsor for industry events, among these as one of the main sponsors of the Swedish Chef of the Year Competition and for the European Food Service Summit, the restaurant industry think tank and congress. The Duni HORECA Advisory Board held its first meeting in Malmö at the end of April.