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Duni Group nominated for Årets Malmöföretag award

18 Jan 2024
Duni Group is nominated for the City of Malmö’s Business Award, Årets Malmöföretag (Malmö Company of the Year).

Malmö city's business award, Malmö Company of the Year, goes to a person or company in Malmö, which for a couple of years, through their way of running and developing the company, acts as a role model for business life in the city. The company must show sustainable profitability and have a positive development in its industry.

The motivation:

By being a leading player in its industry, Duni Group has not only put Malmö on the map, but also positioned the city as an important player in an international market. Duni Group has proven its deep commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions, which is clearly reflected in their ongoing journey towards a more environmentally friendly and responsible business. With an impressive global presence and a sustainability journey in focus, Duni Group is a role model for other companies and a valuable asset for Malmö.

“It is an honor to be nominated for Årets Malmöföretag and we are proud that our sustainability work and our innovations are recognized. It is also an opportunity to profile Duni Group locally as an international company with headquarters in Malmö, we are happy to be a part of the vibrant business life in the city. The nomination shows that our collective efforts from different parts of the Duni Group organization make a difference”, says Robert Dackeskog, President and CEO, Duni Group.

The winners will be announced at Malmö Näringslivsgala that takes place on February 27th.

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Katja Margell
Investor Relations and Communications Director