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Dining trends for 2024

31 Jan 2024
How do we create the best dining experiences this year? What are the biggest trends for restaurants, take away and for the set table? Duni Group's experts share their insights for 2024.

What are the design trends for the set table in 2024?

Melina Derbouz, senior creative designer.

What are the biggest design trends this year?

Antique-inspired pieces adapted into modern style (e.g. the return of bust silhouettes). Modern jungle mixed with natural materials, like tropical fruits and palm trees mixed with e.g. rattan and warm hues and eco craft.

What colors and patterns are trendy?

A warmer palette of golden yellows, oranges, sunburnt reds, and lush greens is what is awaiting. We will see patterns driven by tradition such as classic stripes, plaid, checks and ditsy florals. We will also see a maximalist approach with prints such as geo-metric color blocking, vibrant blooms, and icons.

What are the influences?

Living in a world driven by unpredictability, we seek to live a more uncomplicated life, cherishing our heirlooms and expressing us with warm colors and fluid forms. Also, eco consciousness still drives us strongly forward.

What are the table setting trends in 2024?

A big trend for table-setting in 2024 is that we see an update within glassware, dinnerware, and other home décor pieces with the free-flowing forms and scallop shapes making everyday objects interesting.

What are the biggest take away trends in 2024?

Tomasz Doweyko Jurkowski, Head of Product Development in Business Area Food Packaging Solutions.

Zero Waste and Circular Food Trends

In the wake of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability in the food industry remains at the forefront of consumer priorities. In 2024, a deepened commitment to zero waste and circular food trends is expected, including innovative practices such as repurposing leftovers and transforming them into new and appealing dishes.

Fast Casual and Health-Conscious Dining on the Rise

The health and wellness wave continues to gain momentum, steering consumers towards health-conscious fast-casual dining options. In 2024, we can expect to see an increase of menus catering to diverse dietary needs, including various protein substitutes for meat and an expanded array of plant-based alternatives.

Value and Convenience

In the face of economic uncertainty and escalating food prices, consumers are seeking value and convenience in their dining experiences. From the restaurant owner’s perspective, the year 2024 will therefore witness an increased focus on automation and technology in order to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.

What are the restaurant trends for 2024?

Hanna Banica Marketing Director, Business Area Dinging Solutions

More occasions & simplified menus

The problem of recruiting experienced chefs and trained restaurant staff continues to be a struggle for the industry. This is now also visible in the menus, where we can see an increase in simpler dishes such as cheese trays and snacks. We also tend to go from three main meals a day to more occasions where we eat smaller dishes and more snacks instead. Many restaurants offer a snack menu. As a response to the difficulties in recruiting trained personnel, Duni has launched UNMO an innovation project and a platform that connects people in the business.


New services will be added to the restaurant experience. In the US, some restaurants offer guests the opportunity to choose which table they want to reserve when they make a booking. Many restaurants also offer more options for composing their own dish, by letting guests choose side orders and sauces. A more customized experience.

Comfort food

In troubled times, we tend to go back to basics and want more comfort food and spending time with people we love. Tough times are the time for desserts and affordable luxury. In England, for example, you can see that the number of ice cream parlors has increased significantly.

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