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Duni launches third line of fossil-free table setting alternatives with Bio Dunicel®

5 sep 2023
After successfully launching fossil-free napkins and placemats in October 2021, Duni has been consistently replacing its products with sustainable alternatives. Now, the company is introducing its new line of Bio Dunicel® in three different formats and four colors.

Dunicel® has always been one of Duni's most popular materials, known for its exclusive feel and quality. The Bio Dunicel® line retains these features, but with potatoes as one of its primary components, the material is much more sustainable.

The story of Bio Dunicel® began in 2018, when a colleague in Germany was making homemade glue from sugar and flour with her children. The idea of using this mixture to replace fossil-based binders in Duni's products came to her, and after presenting the proposal to her colleagues, it was quickly put into action. Britta and Maren became the project managers and worked on the idea by testing and evaluating different solutions. They rewrote the recipe, and potato starch became the key component. With the support of an encouraging manager and dedicated colleagues in production, Bio Dunicel® became a reality. In autumn 2021, the first products were launched.

The introduction of the Bio Dunicel® line is a significant step in Duni's sustainability efforts, which involve phasing out fossil-based materials and reducing the company's carbon footprint. Despite maintaining quality, the new material emits 28% less CO2 compared to the previous version.

"Since 2021, we have been working towards an ambitious sustainability agenda and strategy based on reorienting our operations to minimize our carbon footprint. Bio Dunicel® is one of the many internal and external initiatives that keep us on track towards our goals. The products are completely fossil-free and thus represent 28% lower CO2 emissions than the previous version. Bio Dunicel® is an impressive result of our innovation work and is a crucial project for us to achieve our Scope 3 goal of reducing our dependence on fossil raw materials," said Erik Lindroth, Sustainability Director of the Duni Group.

Ida Lundqvist, Project Manager of Business Area Duni, added, "I am incredibly proud to be part of the product development and launch of Bio Dunicel®, where many people and teams have been involved and committed to making it possible. This project proves that positive change is possible with the right mindset. We are excited to continue working on our product development and delivering more products."

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