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Changing times call for new ways of working

30 May 2023
Innovation plays a key role in our business. By being at the forefront of developments in sustainable and circular solutions, we remain relevant in the geographical markets where we operate, and we enhance our competitiveness.

Duni Group’s goal is to be the industry’s trusted sustainability leader by 2030. It is a bold goal, based on creating climate-smart solutions that add customer value. To succeed, we need to understand our customers’ challenges and how we can collaborate internally and with external partners to resolve them in an environmentally smart way.

The Group’s innovation department works continuously to identify the challenges that our customers face. Johan Mårtensson, Business Development & Innovation Manager, explains: “We interview existing and potential customers and map out challenges and needs. Then we delve deeper into the relevant areas.”

Exciting solution for the restaurant industry
During the pandemic, around 50,000 employees left the restaurant sector in Sweden alone. One of the challenges identified by the innovation department is how to bring together restaurants and job seekers. In 2022, a partnership was initiated with an external supplier on a digital solution for this.

At first, simple prototypes were developed to test whether the concept was sound. A platform was then developed in the autumn, which is now being tested by a number of restaurants and is expected to be launched commercially in 2023. This may appear to be a major diversification for Duni Group. But being the industry’s trusted sustainability leader involves more than material and climate issues.

New ways of working are crucial
“The solution is all about social sustainability and, let’s be very clear about this, Duni Group’s future is based on the fact that there is a HoReCa industry that is both sustainable and a place where people want to work. That’s why we want to support restaurants and those who work in the industry, while at the same time it’s good for us,” says Johan, continuing:

“We have the brand, the network and the reach, and strongly rooted trust. But we need more of a technological edge and new kinds of services. New ways of working will be needed, and this platform is a good example.” Johan is encountering a growing realization that innovation is crucial to achieving the company’s goals for 2030. More and more people see an innovation culture as being necessary, as well as continuously developing their skills.

Communication and new processes
Investments in startups in 2022 and the establishment of new internal work methods have produced results. These cross-fertilizations have taught the Group to be more agile. For example, a more agile way of working has been introduced, with “New Business Demo” in particular being appreciated within the organization. “Every month the innovation department presents exactly where we are, our problems, what went well and if we need help. This results in an increased sharing of knowledge internally, and we learn and adapt continuously during our process,” says Johan.

The industry’s leading knowledge partner
Duni Group’s goal is to deliver a sustainable food experience. As the industry’s leading knowledge partner, we must also be able to help customers find the best solution specifically for them. And then it’s not just about the set table. It’s about the whole restaurant. About products as well as the entire ecosystem around them and their life cycle “The biggest thing for me in 2022 was that our new work methods are starting to spread throughout the organization. If we’re to succeed in achieving our goals for 2030, it’s not about a few people in the innovation department. It’s about the entire organization,” concludes Johan.

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