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Welcome to our new head office!

2 Dec 2022

We are excited to share that our new office in Malmö is open! Just a short walk from our previous location in Västra Hamnen, we are now located at Hallenborgs gata 1a.

Christel Bjöwi, Malmö Site Manager, why did Duni Group decide to relocate the head office?

“First of all, we believe that the office space should reflect our employees and our culture. Flexibility was the driving force behind the design of our new space. We encourage our employees to move around in our different areas throughout the day, which facilitates interaction and collaboration.”

How is Duni Group’s approach to sustainability reflected in our new office?

“We decided early on that furniture that is not worn out should be reconditioned and re-used. Just over 80 percent of the interior furnishings are being reused, which is the best form of environmental saving. In addition to that, we have primarily bought second-hand furniture.”

“We have also a new supplier for office cleaning BioRent. They are a local player that cleans with biotechnology that is completely in line with our new strategy and values.”

Are there any specific thoughts behind staying in the area of Västra Hamnen?

“Yes, there is a sustainable mindset in Västra Hamnen that we think corresponds with Duni Group’s focus on sustainability. We feel that we should stay as close to nature as possible. This is also a strategic location that easily allows us to commute by public transport.”

Is everything in place at the new office now?

“There’s still a bit of settling in to do, and some finishing touches, but we’re ready for business in our new home!”

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Investor Relations and Communications Director