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Strengthening our offering in Europe

6 May 2021
The Duni Group is consolidating its eco-profiled range of packaging under the BioPak brand. The market-leading concept in Australia is now being launched on the European market.

There’s no Planet B! This is the message Australian BioPak used to become the market leader in eco-profiled meal packaging in its domestic market. 

The Group acquired to the company in 2018 and is now launching the brand on the European market. At the same time, the Group’s sustainable range of packaging is now being consolidated under a single brand.

“We believe that BioPak is the best platform for sustainable and circular packaging solutions”

There is great market interest in a clear and simple brand like BioPak,” says Fredrik Sverkersten, Marketing Director. “We believe that BioPak is the best platform for sustainable and circular packaging solutions. Now we are going to establish the brand in Europe and build it just a strong as in Australia.”

Europe – A highly differentiated market 
One challenge is that the European market is highly differentiated. As a result, the successful concept from Australia will now be adapted to the European market. 

“A packaging supplier that really wants to work sustainably in Europe must localize,” Fredrik explains. “The conditions for recycling and composting vary enormously, sometimes even between cities in the same country. You always need to look into what the best solution is for each individual customer.” 

The segment's products must always be as sustainable as possible. “BioPak should be the first thing that comes to mind for customers in terms of sustainable meal packaging," says Fredrik.

Perfect timing for launch 
Our European business is looking forward to the launch. “The timing is perfect with the implementation of the EU SUP Directive in July 2021, which the Duni Group supports,” says Axel Gelhot, Head of Marketing Central Europe. “With BioPak’s products made of renewable or recycled materials, customers know that they're always choosing products compliant with EU regulations. They also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from plastic." 

Driving development and educating distributors, retailers and end customers are also a part of the brand's mission. “We have studied the implications of the new laws and trained our own staff but also held external webinars. We will continue doing this in spring 2021." 

Even in locations where plastic recycling infrastructure is in place, such as Germany, Axel underlines that it is still important to educate end users. “We need to educate them so that what is recyclable ends up in the right flow more frequently than today. BioPak can you play an important role here as well.”

Major investment to start off 2021
The launch of BioPak in Europe will be a major investment at the start of 2021. An aggressive plan is in place to add new products and communicate the brand. The launch will target professional customers as well as private customers reached via grocery outlets.

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