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On the road towards fossil free operations – with HVO diesel

12 okt 2021
Starting October 1st most of our transports to customers in Denmark will be conducted using renewable HVO diesel, enabled by a collaboration with our logistics partner Frode Laursen. The transition to HVO diesel contributes to 88 % lower carbon emissions compared to standard diesel trucks.

The journey to reach our goal of fossil free operations continues as a pilot testing HVO diesel for our customer deliveries in Denmark starts. During a three-month period, Duni Group will invest in HVO diesel which will be used in Frode Laursen’s trucks. The pilot will be evaluated as we continuously seek the most sustainable alternatives. With determination Duni Group aims to lower the carbon footprint radically the coming years, focusing on own operations but also including outsourced services like transports wherever feasible.

“Duni Group aims to leverage on the existing logistics infrastructure to our customers and market knowledge to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the use of renewable fuels in our transports. Every step counts on this journey and the HVO diesel pilot in Denmark is one more step along several initiatives in other areas, such as plant-based materials, production efficiency and renewable energy”, says Erik Lindroth, Sustainability Director, Duni Group.

HVO stands for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and is a fuel made of 100 % renewable raw materials, such as residual waste and vegetable oils, which contributes to a decrease of carbon emission by around 88 %. The HVO diesel in the Danish pilot is palm oil free.

We are continuously seeking new opportunities and partnerships when it comes to ways to reach fossil free operations.

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Katja Margell
Investor Relations and Communications Director